OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands
OAK XL / YakiSugi 55"-77'' - JALG TV Stands

EK XL / YakiSugi

Yakisugi (焼 杉) är en traditionell japansk metod för träkonservering genom att förkolna den med eld. Yaki betyder att värma med eld, och sugi är cypress. Det kallas också "Sho Sugi Ban" (焼 杉 板). Processen handlar om att kola träet, kyla det, rengöra det och avsluta det med naturlig olja.

Graviterna som förmedlas av processen och det färdiga resultatet (kallat "yakisugi") är obestridliga, en svartning av träet som avslöjar rena, distinkta linjer och en inneboende texturell skönhet.

YakiSugi-modellen är en signatur svart TV-stativ i JALG-kollektionen och visar en stor uppskattning för japanska möbeldetaljer.


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General TV Stands 42’’-55’’ TV Stands 55’’-77’’
Min. screen size: 42’’ (width 901 mm / 35.5’’) 55’’ (width 1150 mm / 45.3’’)
Max. screen size: 55’’ 77’’
Max. TV weight: 30 kg 45 kg
Supported VESA width: 100, 200, 300, 400 mm 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
Supported VESA hole size: M6 / M8 M6 / M8
Max. soundbar width: 840 mm / 33.1’’ 1079 mm / 42.4’’
Mounting instructions: Download Download
Height: 545 mm / 21.5’’ 695 mm / 27.4’’
Footprint: 250 x 1053 mm / 9.9’’ x 41.5’’ 330 x 1345 mm / 13’’ x 51.8’’ 
Depth of frame: 100 mm / 3.9’’’ 140 mm / 5.5’’
Shipping box
Weight: 7 kg 12 kg
Dimensions: 930 x 220 x 110 mm 1180 x 250 x 150 mm
Passar de flesta TV-apparater

JALG TV-ställ är certifierade som VESA-kompatibla, vilket innebär enkel kompatibilitet med de flesta TV-apparater.

Handgjorda till perfektion

Funktionell och elegant design med små detaljer som sträcker sig bortom estetik.

Hållbar tillverkning

JALG TV-bänkar är tillverkade av hållbart certifierat trä, enligt vår respekt för naturen.

Lätt att montera

Mycket lätt att montera och fästa med två personer.

Skandinavisk design

Autentisk skandinavisk minimalistisk design olik någon annan, inspirerad av vårt skandinaviska ursprung.

Få plats i vardagsrummet

En funktionell design som låter dig gömma dina enheter bakom TV:n, vilket eliminerar nästan allt kabeltrassel.

Designad för enkel montering.

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13 Sep 2022
Lawrence T.
United States

Perfect Solution

This ended up being a great solution for my open floorplan. It’s easy to rotate so I can see the TV from any angle in the room. It has a great mid-century modern vibe which matches my aesthetic.

22 Oct 2021
Marc W.
Germany Germany


We love the stand… perfect packaging upon arrival… easy to built… stylish, functional… couldn’t’t have asked for more.

21 Oct 2021
Rick R.


I've been wanting a TV stand for over a year now and I finally found the perfect one. JALG is the only one that offers all the right features without any of the compromises. The simple design housed some of my favorite features like cable management, non-slip pad, ample storage space for games & DVDs, and more. It's affordable but still expensive

27 Jul 2021
Raelyn F.


I love this stand. I live in a small apartment and this is the perfect size for my small TV. It's also simple, yet stylish! It's really heavy, so I'm sure it will last me for years to come.

21 Jun 2021
Will M.


I am a big fan of the JALG brand. I have a number of their products in my house and they are excellent! They are made with high quality materials that last longer than alternative brands and they offer great customer service. I think what sets them apart is that they listen to their costumers and really care about delivering the best product possible!

06 Jun 2021
Ella M.


I have been looking for a TV stand for years, but couldn't find one that would blend into my living room. That is, until I found the JALG! It's modern, sleek design is perfect for my space and it's eco-friendly material make me feel good about what I'm putting in my home.

17 May 2021
Gary F.


JALG is the best TV stand I have ever seen. I chose it because it has the perfect balance of sleek, modern design along with quality. It's a hands down win-win. JALG is a must buy for anyone who needs a TV stand!

17 Apr 2021
Mike R.

Amazing stand

I love my new JALG TV stand. It has the perfect amount of space for all of my electronics. From the moment I set it up, I loved its sleek design and sturdy construction. It is exactly what I was looking for in a TV stand!

05 Apr 2021
Jenny H.


I purchased the JALG TV stand after I read the positive reviews and was not disappointed! It is a really well-designed product and matches our modern house perfectly. The best part is that it has such a cool name. I can't believe we were able to find an item with such a great name!

03 Mar 2021
Ted T.


I bought this TV stand for my dorm when I was in college and it's been amazing. I think the price is great and the customer reviews speak for themselves. I would recommend to anyone looking for a TV stand that has a sleek design to it.

14 Jan 2021
Emma L.


I am absolutely in love with my JALG. When I updated the room a few months ago I figured a TV stand was a necessity and it's been perfect. The design is sleek and modern - they really know what they're doing with these things!

10 Jan 2021
Kristian H.

Looks good

This stand is really solid and stable. I was so tired of my TV always falling over, so I finally caved in and bought this. The product is sturdy, well made, and looks great in my living room too.

08 Jan 2021
Jamie H.

Customer for life

This is the best TV stand. I recommend this to all my friends and family and they couldn't be happier with it! It's perfect for my living room and the design is clean and minimal. It really completes the space.

05 Dec 2020
Johnny C.
Denmark Denmark

Minimalistic - Nice - Stable

If you don’t like the “nerdy” stand you can normally buy, this stand stands out in a very good way. The JÄLG TV stand is so nice and lightweight that it blends in very good in a modern minimalistic livingroom - fully satisfied with this product, no other stand is like this - this is a lonely wolf, standing out from all the **** stands on the market.

22 Oct 2020
Ila P.

Thank you JALG!

This is an excellent stand for your TV. It's sturdy, elegant, and it even has a really good price point. I personally have used it for the past two years and have no complaints. JALG is worth every penny!