Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order on behalf of a business? webstore is primarily a consumer store. This means that VAT is always charged. A tax invoice with EU VAT details will be provided for business orders.

You are free to place an order on behalf of a business, but it will be invoiced without a VAT deduction.

Which models of Sonos soundbars fit with JALG TV stands?

  • JALG 42"-55" TV stands support soundbars with maximum of width of 840mm. The Sonos Beam soundbar fits with these TV stands.

  • JALG XL Collection of 55"- 77" TV stand brackets mount larger soundbars, with maximum width of 1,140mm. The larger stands therefore are compatible with both Sonos BeamSonos Playbar soundbars. 

    (Sonor Arc is not compatible as it is slightly wider than supported measures.)

What weights of TVs are supported by the TV stands?

  • JALG 42"-55" TV stands are designed to safely and firmly support TVs up to 25kg (55 lbs) in weight.

  • JALG XL Collection of 55"77" TV stands firmly hold heavier TVs with TV weight up to 45kg (88.2 lbs), whereas TVs up to 60kg have

What is the difference between OAK and BIRCH woods?

The surface of BIRCH is more uniform and smoother than oak, whereas OAK has a beautiful and slightly visible, natural wood pattern. Both are elegant and light textured woods that are carefully processed and finished to perfection by hand.


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