Acrylic / Green 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
Acrylic / Green 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
Acrylic / Green 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands

Acrylic / Green 42"-55"

Acrylic is a transparent and lightweight plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity that has excellent impact strength. 

Though it appears to be made of glass, acrylic is used to make acrylic rods as well - for example, legs for ''JALG'' new product line.

They are lightweight, durable, and naturally UV resistant, very good at keeping their own shape, as they will not bend or break easily.

The tensile strength of acrylic is around 8000 psi (it takes 8000 pounds per square inch to break acrylic), while the tensile strength of polycarbonate is around 7000 psi.
Looking at that difference, you'd expect acrylic to be much stronger. But that only means that it can hold up more weight before breaking.


P.S. Never use chemicals to clean acrylic – they will damage it. Here are ones to avoid:
Any ammonia-based cleaner e.g. window and glass cleaners.
Abrasive or caustic cleaners.

WD-40 or any other petroleum-based chemical.
Scrubbing pads or other abrasive pads.


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General TV Stands 42’’-55’’ TV Stands 55’’-77’’
Min. screen size: 42’’ (width 901 mm / 35.5’’) 55’’ (width 1150 mm / 45.3’’)
Max. screen size: 55’’ 77’’
Max. TV weight: 30 kg 45 kg
Supported VESA width: 100, 200, 300, 400 mm 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
Supported VESA hole size: M6 / M8 M6 / M8
Max. soundbar width: 840 mm / 33.1’’ 1079 mm / 42.4’’
Mounting instructions: Download Download
Height: 545 mm / 21.5’’ 695 mm / 27.4’’
Footprint: 250 x 1053 mm / 9.9’’ x 41.5’’ 330 x 1345 mm / 13’’ x 51.8’’ 
Depth of frame: 100 mm / 3.9’’’ 140 mm / 5.5’’
Shipping box
Weight: 7 kg 12 kg
Dimensions: 930 x 220 x 110 mm 1180 x 250 x 150 mm
Fits most TVs

JALG TV stands are certified as VESA compatible, meaning easy compatibility with most TVs.

Handmade to perfection

Functional and elegant design with small details that extend beyond aestethics.

Sustainable manufacturing

JALG TV stands are made from sustainably certified woods, following our respect for nature.

Easy to Assemble

Very easy to assemble and to attach with two people.

Scandinavian Design

Authentic Scandinavian minimalist design unlike any other, inspired by our Scandnavian origins.

Gain space in living room

A functional design that lets you hide your devices behind TV, eliminating almost all cable clutter.

Designed for
easy assembly.