Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

Please contact us for more accurate information, and note that it may take up to 24 hours before you can track your order.

P.S. Always follow the tracking link provided first.

If you are the consignee and would like to change your delivery preference, please visit


Please find the return label (DHL only) in the box.

The return shipping fee will be deducted from your refund accordingly.

Print label and deliver goods to your closest pickup location

Please make sure details are not used (scratched).

All goods must be returned safely and in their original packaging.

If items arrive in perfect resale condition, we'll issue a refund. We cannot accept defective items.

The products to be returned must be handed over to the courier within fourteen (14) days of the date you notified JALG of your decision to withdraw.

Will it Tip Over Easily?

The build is very strong, so tipping is very unlikely without outside impact, intention, or accident. However, we do provide a safety kit with wall attachments with orders upon request.

What Screw Size and VESA Compatibility Do I Need for My TV Mount?

Please check the product specs at the end of each product gallery.
PS: Some TV brands use M5 (or M4)-size screw holes, although the standard is usually M6 or M8, which are supported by our stand.
In such cases, customers purchased necessary adapters locally ADAPTER
Before making the purchase, please double-check the TV VESA hole size first.

VESA Mounting Standard Explained

Please see an overview of the VESA standard and how to check your TV for compatibility here.

My TV has an Infrared Receiver Under the Frame; Will it Interfere With the JALG Structure?

Most TVs with infrared receivers are compatible due to the receiver being located in the middle of the TV, and JALG is designed to support such TVs.

Some TVs, however, have the infrared receiver on the left or right side of the frame; therefore, the receiver might interfere with the JALG base, depending on the width of the TV's frame.
In order to avoid compatibility issues, please measure distance of the infrared receiver from the side and compare it with JALG dimensions HERE

(2021 Samsung FRAME 43'' is not suitable due to reason given above.)

Which TV Stand Size (Regular or XL) do You Recommend for a 55'' TV?

Both versions (regular and XL) are suitable; it depends on your size preference. Please check and compare HERE

How Can I be Sure if the JALG TV Stand Fits My Room?

There's a 3D tool in the product gallery that can be used to place the TV in your room (viewable on mobile only).

Can I Order on Behalf of a Business?

The website is primarily a consumer store. This means that VAT is always charged. You are free to place an order on behalf of a business, but it will be invoiced without a VAT deduction.

For B2B orders with VAT deduction, please contact us directly via contact form or email us to

Which Models of Sonos Soundbars Fit with JALG TV Stands?

JALG 42"-55" TV stands support soundbars with a maximum width of 840mm. The Sonos Beam soundbar fits with these TV stands.

The JALG XL Collection of 55"–77" TV stand brackets mount larger soundbars, with a maximum width of 1,079 mm. The larger stands, therefore, are compatible with both Sonos Beam, Sonos Playbar soundbars.
(Sonos Arc is not compatible as it is slightly wider than supported measures.)

What Weights of TVs are Supported by the TV Stands?

JALG 42"-55" TV stands are designed to safely and firmly support TVs up to 30kg (55 lbs) in weight. The JALG XL Collection of 55"–77" TV stands firmly hold heavier TVs with a TV weight of up to 45kg (88.2 lbs).

What is the Difference Between OAK and BIRCH Woods?

The surface of BIRCH is more uniform and smoother than oak, whereas OAK has a beautiful and slightly visible natural wood pattern. Both are elegant and light-textured woods that are carefully processed and finished to perfection by hand.

The images may differ in appearance from the actual product..

We make every effort to provide our customers with products that look the same as the images displayed on our website pages.
However, please keep in mind that photographs have a difficult time showing exact colors and that the actual color of a product may vary slightly
from what is shown in one of our website images.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Sure, please email us at as soon as possible.
Please note: We cannot cancel or revoke the shipment when the carrier has already picked up the parcel from our warehouse. If you still need to cancel, then at the time of delivery, refuse to accept it, and it will be sent back to us. After we've received it we'll issue a refund..

Cancelling an order before it is shipped is free of charge, but once it is in the carrier system, handling and shipping fees will apply if the consumer makes such a decision.

We have no control over or ability to cancel such fees with the third-party service provider.
Such fees will apply in the event of a cancellation as well as for orders that go uncollected. Not from us, but rather from the carrier.

We do reimburse return fees if the goods are damaged or if we cancel the order for any reason.

Can You Send Me an Invoice?

The invoice download link can be found in your order confirmation email.

Are Shelving Brackets for the Soundbar Included?

The shelving brackets are available to purchase separately under accessories.

*The soundbar featured in the images is not part of the product and is not for sale.

How Do I Hide Cables and Digital Accessories?

Please check setup samples HERE

Is a Curved TV Suitable?

Yes, a curved TV suits well CURVED

Are KLARNA Pay Later & Split Payment Available? 

KLARNA Pay Later & Split Payment are available for customers residing in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Finland.

Are Tax & Import Duties Included?

For orders outside the EU, import duties are not included and are collected upon delivery.