BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands
BIRCH / WHITE 42"-55" - JALG TV Stands


Der TV-Ständer JALG BIRCH White ist ein leichtes und elegantes Möbelstück mit einer schönen matten, weißen Holzstruktur. Der weiße, matte Farbton lässt sich gut mit hellen Innenräumen kombinieren.

Der JALG WHITE ist ein zeitloser Designklassiker, der aus natürlichen Materialien geformt, mit skandinavischer Leidenschaft für Lichtdesign und mit großer handwerklicher Sorgfalt gefertigt wurde.


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General TV Stands 42’’-55’’ TV Stands 55’’-77’’
Min. screen size: 42’’ (width 901 mm / 35.5’’) 55’’ (width 1150 mm / 45.3’’)
Max. screen size: 55’’ 77’’
Max. TV weight: 30 kg 45 kg
Supported VESA width: 100, 200, 300, 400 mm 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
Supported VESA hole size: M6 / M8 M6 / M8
Max. soundbar width: 840 mm / 33.1’’ 1079 mm / 42.4’’
Mounting instructions: Download Download
Height: 545 mm / 21.5’’ 695 mm / 27.4’’
Footprint: 250 x 1053 mm / 9.9’’ x 41.5’’ 330 x 1345 mm / 13’’ x 51.8’’ 
Depth of frame: 100 mm / 3.9’’’ 140 mm / 5.5’’
Shipping box
Weight: 7 kg 12 kg
Dimensions: 930 x 220 x 110 mm 1180 x 250 x 150 mm
Fits most TVs

JALG TV stands are certified as VESA compatible, meaning easy compatibility with most TVs.

Handmade to perfection

Functional and elegant design with small details that extend beyond aestethics.

Sustainable manufacturing

JALG TV stands are made from sustainably certified woods, following our respect for nature.

Easy to Assemble

Very easy to assemble and to attach with two people.

Scandinavian Design

Authentic Scandinavian minimalist design unlike any other, inspired by our Scandnavian origins.

Gain space in living room

A functional design that lets you hide your devices behind TV, eliminating almost all cable clutter.

Designed for
easy assembly.

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18 Mar 2023
Ellie L.
United States United States

Love it

Delivery was fast although it was an international delivery. Worth every dime. It makes my living room more modern and chic.

21 Nov 2022
Nathalie C.
Switzerland Switzerland

Zero regrets

Absolutely love my new JALG minimalist TV stand - opens up the room. Very pleased.

08 Aug 2022
Marco M.
Italy Italy

Great Product

Solid, well finished, elegant. No more words needed.

19 Jul 2022
Douglas L.
Singapore Singapore

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble

Gotten a birch white tv stand. It comes nicely pack. The process of ordering was a breeze. JALG was responsive in answering queries on their web chat. Assembly was fairly straightforward with easy to follow instructions. There were spelling errors on the assembly guide. Unlike its competitors, the stand neither comes with cable management features not does it allow for adjustment of the tv mount height. Nonetheless, I would recommend buying this tv stand as it comes with a sound bar mount. Save the hassle of having to find a 3rd party mount that integrates well with the stand. Also, management of cables are fairly straightforward and default tv height feels just right.

23 Nov 2021
Beverly F.
United States United States

Jalg white tv stand

I love it however I wish it wrrr a few inches taller.

05 Apr 2021
Robert M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


We love it! Minimalistic but yet full of character! Well done JĀLG for an amazing product.

15 Mar 2021
Anselmo S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Elegant and Functional

Excellent experience from discovery, shopping, receiving the package and assembling. The smaller version is ideal for 55'' tv, it just looks amazing. Assembly is very intuitive, would just recommend the use of a standard wall-level to ensure you get your TV perfectly aligned (don't trust your eyes, measure it). Looking forward to see what the designers will create next ...

12 Feb 2021
Max W.
Germany Germany


Suits my LG OLED perfect

10 Dec 2020
Manuel K.
Germany Germany

Great product and very simple to set up

Highly recommended.

26 Nov 2020
Andrea M.
Italy Italy

Love it

Good quality product, easy to setup, fast shipping.

25 Nov 2020
Vanessa G.
Germany Germany

Great quality

Great design, great quality, very easy to build

07 Sep 2020

더프레임 65인치

화이트 색상에 선택옵션인 다리가 너무 못생겨서 그거 안사고 고민하다가 큰맘먹고 제임스오가닉 스탠드 구입했어요 ! 공구때 구입해서 배송은 한달정도 걸렸어요~~! 더프레임 자체에 셋톱박스 외에 본체가 있어서 무거운 본체에요 ㅠㅠ 어디 둘려니 보여서 싫고 해서 사운드바 다는 거를 티비 뒤쪽으로 달아서 올리니까 셋톱박스랑 선이랑 다 숨겨 졌어요 ㅎㅎㅎ R사이즈랑 XL랑 고민 많이햇지만 Xl사이즈는 사진상 너무 높아보였어요 ㅠㅠ R사이즈도 구치 후 만족하지만 약간 낮은감은 잇는것같아요 ! ㅎㅎㅎ 집이 크지 않아 많이 낮아보이지 않지만 평수가 30평대면 XL도 괜찬아 보여요 뒤쪽에 공간이 생각보다 많아서 셋톱이랑 멀티탭까지 숨겼어요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 설치요청 없이 저희 둘이서 충분히 했어요 티비가 무거워서 힘들엇지만 ,,,, 달때는 여기 달아도 되나 싶을정도로 너무 불안햇어요 달고 보니 이제 갠찬아요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 사운드바를 뒤로 달아서 앞에 검정색 사운드바 티는 좀 나지만 다 뒤로 보낼수 있어서 다행이에여 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 설치하고 나니 너무 에뻐요 ~~~~!! 오래오래 썻음 좋겟어용 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ티비 모델명은 KQ65LST03AFXKR 입니다^^*

05 Sep 2020

예전에 인스타그램에서 우연히 JALG스탠드를 보게되면서 다음에 이사가면 꼭 티비에 설치해야겠다고 맘먹었었는데 이번에 이사를 가게되서 이사시기에 맞춰 공구로 저렴하게 그매하게되었어요

배송은 하루만에 왔고받자마자 바로 설치했네요~ 설치는 기사님 따로 신청 안해도될만큼 쉬워요! 하지만 두명에서 설치해야 되겠더라구요. 저희집 티비는 lg 올레드 55인치 티비입니다. 저희는 셋톱박스 설치할때 조금 애먹었어요. 갖고있는 케이블타이가 몇개없어서 실패하지않고 바로 성공해야 했는데 와이파이 기계가 무거워서 자꾸 내려가서 동봉되어있는 고무줄에 제 머리끈까지 사용해서 겨우 안내려오게 해놨고 전 티비를 딱 가운데 놓지않고 좌우 이동을 가끔하려고 일부러 선들 딱 고정해놓지않았어요! 앞에서 전선만 보이지 않음 되니까요^^ 다 설치해놓고 티비보는데 티비장에 올려놨을때보다 깔끔하고 뭔가 집중이 더 잘되는 느낌! 청소하기 쉽고 무엇보다 집이 넓어진거같아서 제일 맘에 듭니다! 집에만 있어야하는 요즘같은 날 거치대하나로 기분전환되네요 +안전장치는 필수옵션아니라 필요하신분들은 꼭 선택하세요 전 못해서 받고싶음 따로 배송비내야된다고해서 포기했어요!

28 Apr 2020
Marena v.

Did not mount TV yet. Still, first impression: beautiful manufacturing quality.

Thick enough, clean, laser cut (I guess) sheet metal. Nice engineering. Development decisions were not made to get it done in the cheapest way. I like. Will update after mounting TV.

18 Apr 2020

우선, 제임스오가닉

JALG TV스탠드 무조건 사세요. 꼭 사세요. 주문 후 2주만에 신혼집으로 들어와서 설치했습니다. 재고없을까봐 미리 주문해버렸죠. 그래서 리뷰가 늦었습니다.